Single-Ply Membrane Solutions

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PVC and TPO are two of the most commonly installed thermoplastic single-ply membranes.

Weather-Ply TPO
Weather-Ply TPO is a thermoplastic single ply system based on leading polymerization technology that combines the longevity and weatherproof properties of ethylene-propylene (EP) rubber with the heat resistance capability of polypropylene. This membrane is methodically formulated for long-term weather resistance without the use of either polymeric or liquid plasticizers.

Weather-Ply PVC
Weather-Ply PVC is a flexible single ply roofing membranes made using special UV inhibitors to ensure a long-term roofing solution. Fused by heat, these bonds are long-lasting, watertight and stronger than the material itself, which features woven fiberglass scrim reinforcement. Weather-Ply PVC provides high performance and exceptional resistance to harsh environments at a lower life cycle cost.

Weather-Ply Elvaloy KEE
Ghemco membrane is infused with Elvaloy KEE (ketone ethylene ester) to provide state-of-the-art performance for thermoplastic single ply roofing systems. Elvaloy KEE, unlike liquid plasticizers, does not migrate out of the membrane, keeping it flexible, workable and tough from the day the roof is installed, even in extreme climates.