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Roofing Liquid-Applied

  • Our systems are able to restore and maintain every type of commercial system that exists; including TPO, PVC, Elvaloy KEE, Hypalon, EPDM, Built-Up Roof Systems (BUR), Modified-Bitumen Roof Systems, Spray Applied Polurethane Foam, other liquid-applied systems, metal, concrete and other cementitious materials.
  • The best system for a given application is dependent on the condition of the existing roof system, environmental conditions, expected hardship to the new system, and a variety of other variables.
  • GHEMCO offers a variety of specifications to assist in the proper installation of the chosen system.
  • Warranties up to 30-years in length are available.

Single Ply Roofing

  • Our systems consist of TPO, PVC, and Evaloy KEE formulations.
  • These systems may be installed as a recover over an existing roof system so long as certain criteria is met.
  • These systems may be installed over any number of deck types along with a wide variety of insulation and cover board arrangements.
  • Check with GHEMCO for a variety of specifications.
  • Warranties of up to 25-years in length are available.


  • Our decking systems are intended to typically be applied over concrete or plywood.
  • The systems listed are intended to be applied with a minimal number of layers which allow for easier installation while delivering a sound waterproofing surface.
  • All of our systems are based on the proven performance of urethane technology.
  • GHEMCO offers a variety of specifications to address all approved applications.
  • Warranties of up to 20-years in length are available.

Below Grade

  • Utilizing a high-performance urethane and urethane-asphalt technology our systems can be applied to almost any substrate; including, concrete, plywood, and others.
  • GHEMCO systems depend on superior products to reduce the amount of labor required to deliver a high-performing system.
  • Warranties of up to 15-years in length are available.


  • GHEMCO polyureas are intended to deliver superior performance at a price point that delivers a superior value proposition.
  • These products may be applied to a variety of substrates; such as, concrete, metal, spray applied polyurethane foam, and others.
  • A large variety of finish coats are available to work with these products to offer a superior value while meeting the needs of a specific application.
  • Check with GHEMCO for the specifications that are needed to address a specific application.
  • Warranties of up to 15-years in length are available.


  • GHEMCO Fabrics may be used to reinforce flashings and penetrations or to reinforce the entire roof area in liquid-applied roofing applications.
  • GHEMCO Tape may be used to reinforce almost any portion of a roof, which includes the field of the roof and all flashings / penetrations.
  • This tape is so simple to use that anyone may apply it like an expert following minimal training.